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The River Dordogne at Domme [click to enlarge]The River Lot at Cahors [click to enlarge]
Randonnée-en-Dordogne offers walking tours throughout the wonderful Dordogne and Lot regions in south-west France. The area is dominated by the magnificent Dordogne and Lot rivers and their stunning valleys. It is quite simply an area of outstanding natural beauty.
Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne [click to enlarge]Stunning Turenne [click to enlarge]
Our walks also occasionally cross into the Corrèze, taking in memorable locations such as Turenne, Collonges-la-Rouge and the Vézère and Célé valleys. There is so much to see... so much to experience...
Tour 3 : Collonges-la-Rouge [click to enlarge]Rocamadour [click to enlarge]
We start our tours in a number of different locations, depending on which tour you decide to take. We try to make the starting points and finishing points easily accessible by train to Brive, Souillac, Sarlat or Figeac. Our starting points and finishing points are also appealing destinations in themselves because we want to make every aspect of your tour interesting - we won’t waste any of your valuable holiday!

Situated in the Lot, the hilltop town of Rocamadour clings to the rock face overlooking the Ouysse gorge and is the starting point for Walking Tour 1. The splendid village of Collonges-la-Rouge is the starting point for Walking Tour 3.
Walking Tour 2 : Pont Valentré at Cahors [click to enlarge]Walking Tour 2 : Puy-l’Evêque [click to enlarge]
As you start to explore the countryside, you will pass through one picturesque village after another, from the magical riverside village of Cressensac and the historic town of Cahors, to the quaint hilltop bastides of Puy-l’Evêque and St-Cirq-Lapopie.
Walking Tour 1 : market day in Sarlat [click to enlarge]Walking Tour 1 : Sarlat’s old quarter [click to enlarge]
Once the capital of Périgord and famous for its elegant medieval architecture, the beautiful town of Sarlat is the region’s "jewel in the crown". It has the highest concentration of medieval, renaissance and 17th-century façades in France and is well worth exploring. Every Saturday, Sarlat’s lively street market attracts both locals and tourists to the town.
Walking Tour 1 : the caves at Domme [click to enlarge]Walking Tour 1 : the entrance to Domme [click to enlarge]
Visible from much of the Dordogne valley is the gorgeous hilltop bastide town of Domme. Within its well-preserved stone walls, the town seems unchanged over the centuries and much has been done to retain its authentic atmosphere. From the town, the views of the river valley below are breathtaking.
Château-de-Castelnaud [click to enlarge]Castelnau-Bretenoux [click to enlarge]
The entire region has an impressive concentration of châteaux and your tour will allow you enough the time to explore several along the way. The list seems endless: Montfort, Fénelon, Biron, Bonaguil, Hautefort, Castelnau-Bretenoux...
Château Beynac [click to enlarge]Les Milandes [click to enlarge]
... Beynac, Castelnaud, Marquayssac and Les Milandes. Beynac and Castelnaud were on opposing sides during the Hundred Years War, Marquayssac has gorgeous gardens and Les Milandes was once the home of Josephine Baker and her "Rainbow Tribe".
Walking Tour 2 : St-Cirq-Lapopie [click to enlarge]Walking Tour 3 : Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne [click to enlarge]
We are confident that the Dordogne and Lot valleys will enchant you throughout your tour - and we’re certain that you’ll want to return here again and again!
Area4713 ha (18,2 sq miles)
Altitude145 m (476 ft)

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